Football is a sport that crosses boundaries, can bring communities together and is of course a game that anyone can play. However, betting on football is big business too, and it is something that a huge number of people look forward to doing week in and week out.

The FootballBetting.LTD website has been devised and developed to help you make sense of the huge, and ever growing number of football betting sites, and is here to help you find your perfect betting site too.

Football Betting Sites

The are some very obvious benefits of choosing to sign up to, deposit and then place your bets at some football betting sites, for those that tend to offer the very highest odds on any football related betting markets and betting opportunities will be the ones you can always guarantee the maximum payouts at when you win.

football betting sitesHowever, there are often other factors to keep in mind when choosing a football betting site, and those include which ones offer things such as consolation bets, and those offering a range of payout boosters and enhanced odds too.

What you are going to find, as you take a look around the Football Betting site are lots of top rated betting sites listed and fully reviewed, and I actively encourage you to read through as many reviews as you like as by doing so you will find out which ones are the very best ones for a football punter to bet at.

Plus, there are of course plenty of exclusive and very high valued sign up welcome bonuses going to be showcased to your from our featured and approved football betting sites, so make sure you click on the links to take you to those sites that are offering you a bonus you like the look of, as you will instantly qualify for them when you do so!

Latest Football Betting News

It can be very easy to overlook or completely miss out on the most relevant football betting news stories, for with so many websites, newspapers, TV channels and radio stations awash with sports stories, they cannot cover everything.

That is why this website is updated daily with all of the very latest football betting news stories, so make sure above all else you check back daily, for by doing so you are going to get a good idea of just where the smart money is going on all manner of different football events, and also which bookies are offering the best deals too.

Football is of course a worldwide sport, and our daily news stories are going to be covering football matches, leagues, tournaments and cup ties that are being played out all over the world too.

Thanks to our featured betting sites offering betting markets on all football  event, from all four corners of the world, you will never have any difficulties being able to place your bets and follow the smart money which will be revealed to you in our daily football betting new stories.

Know Your Football Bets

One aspect of football betting that can and often does take quite some time to get your head around is trying to understand and make sense of the many different types and kinds of football bets that are on offer to you at all betting sites.

You can of course choose to place the most basic of bet, that being a match bet and by doing so you simply need to predict if any match you fancy having a financial interest in will end in a draw or predicting which side will win.

For some much higher payout odds you could of course choose to try and guess the final score of any match, or whether each team will score one or more goals, and you can even bet on how many cards you think the referee will hand out during any match too!

The most popular types of football bets however are coupon bets, and those allow you to place accumulator type bets on any number of teams to win their matches, or whether each team will score or not, and a whole slew of other outcomes too

If you are new to the football betting environment then please do take a good look through my football bets section of the website for by doing so you will very quickly get to grips with each type of bet you can place, and will always know just which bets are the best ones to place on any upcoming football matches too.

Football Betting Bonuses and Offers

Make no mistake about it, when you do sign up to any football betting site you are going to come across all manner of different bonuses, deals and promotional offers, so many  different ones are on offer to punters these days you can quite easily become overwhelmed.

However, you must never underestimate the benefits of making use of the promotional offers and deals that can an often will help you lock in the very best value when placing any type of football bets online or on your mobile device.

As part of the never ending range of articles and football betting guide you are going to come across throughout this website, many of them are dedicated to giving you a clear and very deep insight into how each type of football betting offer, bonus and promotion has been designed.

Once you do have a good understanding of such offers, you are then never going to have to make do with poor valued odds, and will often find you will be offered your money back as a free bet when making use of well thought-out consolation bets, or will be able to boost the value of your betting budget too when making use of matched bets and even deposit match bonuses.

Just keep in mind though that every single type of football betting offer will come with its own unique set of terms and conditions, and no matter what you do, part and parcel of claiming such bonuses is making sure you read through those terms and conditions in full and always abide by them too.

Mobile Football Betting Apps

It may surprise you to learn that there are now just as many people, if not more that place football bets on their mobile devices via betting apps than place their bets online, in fact more people bet on a betting app than wander into a betting shop and place their bets in person over the counter!

However, as when you set about betting via an online betting platform, what you are very quickly going to discover is that rarely will two betting apps will be the same, and some betting apps can be very basic in their design and some can be amazingly advanced too.

Once again, I will be giving you a very good insight into the pros and cons of using certain types of betting apps, and through the news stories, guides and football betting articles available on this website you will get a few pointers as to just which ones are recommend.

Plus, there are also additional benefits too of making use of a betting app for the very first time, in much the same way that sign up and welcome bonus offers including free matched bets are available ale to you when you sign up to an online betting site, so do keep that in mind!

Football Betting Strategies

When it comes to placing a football bet there is a very fine art and also a sixth sense you have to develop as to knowing just which bets are the very best ones to place, for most people make the mistake of simply backing a team to win or a match to end in a draw.

That is why I think that everyone that is consider placing any football bets should adopt a perfect betting strategy, to take into account things such as a winning goal, loss limits and also always stake each bet in relation to your available football betting bankroll too.

I will be walking you through a range of football betting strategies that are easy to learn and will always put you in the best possible position to ensure you are reducing the risks of betting, whilst at the same time ensuring you get the maximum winning payouts when you win.

Making Sense of Betting Markets

There are three main types of football betting markets that you will come across, if you fancy backing a football team to win a match for example and the match is shortly kicking off then you can make use of the live betting odds offered at all betting sites.

However, there will certainly be some value when you make use of the futures betting markets, and they are simply betting markets that open weeks, month and in some cases a year in advance of any football tournaments, matches and leagues begin.

The future betting markets allow punters to make use of some much higher odds if they are prepared to place their bets well in advance, and whilst they may no appeal to all punters they are certainly worth checking out!

The final type of football betting markets that you are going to be able to make use of, are known as in-play betting markets. They are going to become live only when a football match actually starts and will be offering you constantly updated odds on a range of different outcomes as the match is being played out.

Bookies, Sportsbooks and Betting Exchanges

You really can go on a very sharp learning curve when it comes to betting on football, but believe me when I tell you as soon as you master the art of doing so you will always be able to spot the very best betting opportunities.

That is one of the main reasons you are going to find a very good mix of bookies, sportsbooks and betting exchanges listed and reviewed throughout this website, and knowing the different types of betting opportunities available at each of them is important.

Take for example betting exchanges, they are going to allow you to become a bookie yourself, and offer odds on any football matches, tournaments and leagues that you fancy taking bets off other punters on.

It is often the case that you are going to be able to place bets on football matches on a betting exchange in much the same way that you do when betting at a bookies betting site, but can then lay off those bets by laying bets on the same betting exchange, and guarantee a winning profit no matter what way a football match ends!

Know Your Limits and Stay in Control

The urge to bet on a football match can overtake you at any time, much more so when you are convinced you can correctly predict the most likely outcome of a football match.

However, what you should always ensure you do when placing any type of football bet is never get too carried away and always gamble responsibly too.

Set yourself a gambling budget and stick to it is the best advice I can give anybody who does bet on football, in fact each of our featured betting sites have gone to some extra lengths to ensure their customers are always going to be able to stay in control and stick to their limits when betting at their betting sites or when using their betting apps.

When you log into those sites what you will be given the ability of doing is first setting just how much you wish to deposit over any given length of time, and they are also going to allow you to set your own loss limits too.

So please, do always make sure you make full use of each of those self imposed gambling limit settings, as that way if things do not go your way on any football betting session you are never going to be in a position or tempted to gamble more than you have initially planned to do and will never blow your entire gambling bankroll on one single betting session!