Argentina Women vs Japan Women

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Today, you have several football matches that will be kicking off at some point in time during the day, and that does of course mean you are spoiled for choice as to just which matches you are going to be able to bet on.

One of those matches is the Argentina Women vs Japan Women match, which most bookies have been somewhat struggling to try and work out just which team will win that match. That is reflected in the odds being offered to punters with both teams around the 20/11 mark to win that match and with draw offs of a well balanced 5/2 too also being offered by most betting sites.

Another match that should easily go the way of the favourite, and as such would be an ideal team to have included in any multiple football bets you intended to place today is the Czech Republic, and they are going to be taking their chances against Montenegro today.

In fact, the betting on that match will give you an insight into what way it should end, for the Czech Republic are odds of favourites to win that match at odds of around 8/13, whilst the draw odds are 11/4 and you will have no problems being able to secure odds of 5/1 on Montenegro.

Look Out for Odds Boosters Today

As Monday isn’t what you could call one of the busier Days of the weeks for both online betting sites and mobile betting apps, you will find many of them are going to have a ranger of promotional offers available today to attempt to get punters to place a bet.

One type of promotional offer that I have seen being offered at several of our featured betting sites are odds boosters, on several of the matches that are kicking off today, so do be on the lookout for them to lock in additional betting value today.

Serbia, Ukraine and Sweden

The only way you are going to get any decent sized winning pay-outs today betting on the teams listed below is by perming team all together in a single accumulator type of bet, for the odds-on favourites listed below are available at some very small odds unfortunately.

However, that does of course mean that teams such as Serbia who are playing against Lithuania today have a very good chance of winning, but that is reflected in the fact that most bookies have them chalked up to win that match at odds of 1/10.

As for just which team is expected to win the Ukraine vs Luxembourg match, well at their current odds of 1/8 its fair to say that it would be something of a major shock if Ukraine didn’t go on to win that match.

The other match that should go to an easy win for the favourite, is Denmark who are playing against Georgia later today, Denmark have everything in their favourite and that is reflected in the fact bookies have them available at tiny odds to win that match of just 2/7, but that is a rock solid bet by the way and one many punters will be placing today.

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