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There are several group matches that are part of the CONCACAF Gold Cup that are kicking off today and over the next few days, and whilst  may not be the type of football matches that you usually choose to bet on, there are several of them that are worth taking a punt on.

Take for example the Haiti vs Bermuda match, it should be a match in which the home team have an excellent chance of winning, and even though their odds of doing so are around the 2/7 mark at most bookies sites you could perm them together with some other teams as part of an acca bet.

The Costa Rica vs Nicaragua is one of the most one-sided matches of this coming week, and unlike the above match that is kicking off today that match will be in play tomorrow, and it is Coast Rica that should prove to be the winners of that match as their 1/8 odds do suggest.

Two matches are scheduled as part of the CONCACAF Gold Cup Group Matches for Tuesday, the first of which is the Curaçao vs El Salvador, unless either team manages to bang in a  lucky goal at some point in that match, my prediction as for the way it will end is as a draw, and for reference the draw odds are around the 21/10 mark.

Jamaica vs Honduras

Moving onto the second match on Tuesday that is part of this competition, that match is the one against Jamaica and Honduras, and I think I will let the odds on all three possible outcomes give you some idea as to the most likely way that match will end.

Jamaica are chalked up at many betting sites at odds of 6/5, and as such they are the favourites to win that match, just so you know though the draw odds are 2/1 and as for the odds attached to Honduras, well they are in with a chance of winning at they are readily available at odds of 5/2.

Other CONCACAF Gold Cup Group Matches

To give you some additional ideas of potential bets to place this coming week if you do fancy trying your chances on betting on CONCACAF Gold Cup Group Matches match, allow me now to give you a  few other matches that may be worth taking a few chances on.

The next one is the Panama vs Trinidad and Tobago, and it is Panama that I rate the chances of and so do many bookies too for they are available at odds of around the even money mark to win that match.

On Wednesday of this coming week there is also a match that will see the USA playing against Guyana, and that is a match that should go the way of the USA team and the odds on offer are low at 1/6 , Thursday of next week will see Cuba playing against Martinique and it is Martinique that should land that match even though they are not the favourites to do so at odds of 7/4.

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