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Punters have been backing Brazil to win the Copa America this year for months, and as such if you have left it a bit late in the day to back them, then you are only going to find outright winner odds of around 11/10 still being offered at a handful of bookies on Brazil, and there isn’t much value left in backing them to be honest.

As for whether there are any teams that do have the skill and combined abilities to beat Brazil this year, well having taken everything into account I do feel that Argentina are not going to need to have too much luck in playing in that competition this year to progress right through to the final game.

If you have been thinking along the same lines as me, that Argentina may just win the Copa America this year then get your skates on and back them to do just that for they can be backed at odds of around the 7/2 right now.

Two Places Paid Each-Way

You will be offered the chance of backing any teams to win the Copa America this year each-way, and the one important aspect of placing such a bet is to ensure that you are taking advantage of a fair set of each-way betting terms.

Therefore do not bet at a bookies or sports betting site offering terms any lower that one third of the win odds and obviously in this type of tournament all bookies will be paying out to two positions, but make sur you bet with a bookies paying out at least one third of the win odds and no lower.

The Lesser Fancied Copa America Teams

Whilst it is highly unlikely that any of the team listed below are going to win this year’s Copa America, it may be the case that you fancy any of those teams to make it right through to the final game, and may just which to back them each-way.

If so then the best current odds that you are going to be able to secure on those teams are listed below, but do keep in mind that as this betting market is now live, as soon as each team starts to play off their upcoming matches the odds are going to start to fluctuate.

Uruguay are the nest team in the betting and they can be backed at some respectable odds to be fair to most bookies and betting sites as most of them have that team chalked up at win odds of 13/2, and the next team in the betting is Colombia who are a solid 8/1 shot.

Chile are a 12/1 chance, but if you fancy teams such as Peru you will find some much higher odds of around the  20/1 mark are available right now, and Venezuela are up for grabs at odds of 28/1, but if you rate the chances of Paraguay they can be backed at odds of 33/1.

Japan and Ecuador at 40/1 look like two teams most punters will certainly not be backing, and it is very hard to see the likes of Bolivia at 66/1 and Qatar at 100/1 coming out on top and winning the Copa America in 2019 either!

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