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Tonight, will see the first of two legs of the Scottish Premiership kicking off, and there will be plenty of interest from punters on that match in which Dundee United will be playing against St Mirren, with many punters convinced that it will be Dundee United that are going to win that match.

That is something they is reflected in the odds of both teams to win the match for Dundee Utd are being offered at plenty of betting sites such as Coral at odds of 13/10, the draw odds for that match just in case you are interested are 21/10 and St Mirren can be backed at odds of around 21/10 too.

If you much prefer simply backing either team to win the play off then you will also find odds of 17/20 being offered on both teams over at the Coral betting site, and all thing considered those are decent odds.

In fact, Coral do have a range of betting opportunities currently on offer on which they have boosted the pay-out odds, and one of those bets which may be appealing to you is for both teams to score in the 2nd half and they are offering 5/2 that will be the case.

Will Cody Cooke Score?

There was one bet that I did feel had reasonable odds attached to it of 5/1, and that was for Cody Cooke To Score and St Mirren to win this match tonight, however as Coral have boosted the odds on that match to 6/1 it is now a must place bet!

If you feel that it will be Dundee Utd  that will win this match and that  both teams will at some point in time during the match score a goal then you can take advantage of odds of 9/2 on that happening, and for reference the odds on that bet were recently just 7/2.

Some Other Price Boosts to Consider

Keep in mind that the Coral betting site will allow you to place a range of other bets before the match begins on which they have boosted the pay-out odds on several betting opportunities, and once the match does start they will then switch their betting markets to live in-play ones.

You may be tempted by the current 10/1 odds on the Nicky Clark to score two or more goals in this match betting opportunity, for it isn’t beyond the realms of possibilities that he will do just that.

I am sure some of you out there m ay feel that Paul McMullan is going to score in this match tonight, and if you do and you also think that is will be Dundee Utd that will win too, then Coral are now offering odds of 13/2 on that bet which have been boosted in value from 11/2.

One final bet on this match which could tempt you to place it is whether both teams are going to score a goal during the match, you can take odds of 20/23 that yes both teams will score or odds of 10/11 that no they won’t both score.

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