England Women vs Argentina Women

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You will be able to watch the England Women vs Argentina Women match tonight over on the BBC, however when you take a look at the betting on that match, you will probably be put right off backing the England Women team when you see just how low their win odds are!

The odds on that match are such that it does look impossible that England will lose, for the England Women team are being touted at outright win odds in that match of a tiny 1/14, whilst the draw odds are 8/1, and the odds on the Argentina Women do give you an insight into their winning chances as their win odds are around the 25/1 mark.

The total goals betting market may just be one that you are prepared to make use of today, and there is a tad more value to be honest on each of those betting markets. For example, the odds on the 1.5 total goals betting market are Over at 1/9 and Under at 5/1.

On the 2.5 goals market the options and odds are Over at odds of 2/5 and Under at odds of 7/4, the 3.5 total goal betting market offers the Over bet at even money and the Under bet at odds of 8/11, and as for the 4.5 total goal option you can back the Over bet at 9/4 and the Under bet at 1/3.

Will Both Team Score?

One bet that has a 50/50 outcome but one that isn’t going to see you being able to bag odds of even money on both possible outcomes is on the both teams to score betting market, which many of our featured football betting sites do offer their customers.

In this match if you think that No, both teams are not going to score at some point in time in the first 90 minutes the odds being offered are 4/11, however conversely you can back the Yes option and by doing just that you will be rewarded with pay-out odds of a much higher 2/1.

Back a Player to Score

Another bet that could be of interest to you in this match is backing any one single player to score a goal at any point in the match, and you will be able to back all players to score the first goal, the last goal or score at any time too.

With that in mind below are the players that do look likely to score at some point in this match and the respective odds on any of them doing so too.

Both Taylor and White have an outstanding chance of scoring and it would be no surprise to see either of them do so and their odds to score at any time in this match are 5/6, it may also be worth backing Parris to score for her odds of doing so at any time in the first 90 minute of play are 10/11.

Then you have the likes of Duggan, Kirby, Mead and Stanway who can all be backed to score at any time at odds of 11/8.

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