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Loyal fans of Watford will no doubt be holding onto betting slips they placed long before the FA Cup matches began to play off on Watford winning the cup, and those that did place such a bet will have some huge odds on Watford winning the FA Cup final which for reference is being played on  Sunday the 18th of May.

There are of course still plenty of betting opportunities available on that match, and as such if you do think that Watford are going to win it, or you are convinced it will be Manchester City that lift the cup then please do read on, for below I will take a look at what BetFred are offering punters on that match by way of betting opportunities.

Let me start off with looking at the match betting markets as they may be the ones that you are most interested in making use of, Manchester City are on offer at odds of around 1/4, so sadly you have missed the boat regarding huge odds being offered don them!

The draw odds are 5/1 and that may be the best option if you think the match is going to be a very close run one, and as for the chances of Watford, well that are on offer at odds of 10/1 which does give you an idea as to their chances of success in that match of course!

Draw Half-Time Full-Time Betting

BetFred will be offering you and currently are every single permutation of half-time full-time result, and as such let me quickly look at the odds on the draw related bets, they are offering on the FA Cup final this year.

If you think that half time full time result will be a Draw/Draw then you can bag odds of 8/1 on that being the case, the Watford/Draw are of course huge being 25/1 and the Draw/Watford odds are the same at 25/1, as for the Draw/Manchester City result that is being offered at odds of 3/1 and as for the Manchester City/Draw result odd they are there for the taking at 22/1!

Other Half-Time Full-Time Betting Opportunities

There may be the chance that you think the most likely result of this match will be Manchester City/Manchester City as far as the half time and full time result goes, and that is a very fair bet offering much better odds than a simple outright win bet on the favourites, for the odds on that bet are very tempting at 3/4.

The Watford/Manchester City half time full time result is one on which you can bag odds of 22/1, but the Manchester City/Watford result is not expected to tempt many punters despite the fact the odds are truly enormous on it, those odds for reference are 90/1, as I doubt many punters will think that is going to be the result the match ends!

One final bet that could tempt fans of Watford is the Watford/Watford half time full time result and that bet is available at odds of 20/1.

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