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Whilst there are quite a few football matches taking place today, one that has already been attracting plenty of bets from football fans is the match between Fc Barcelona and Valencia, and it is a match of course that Fc Barcelona are expected to win.

However, with them being the very short odds-on favourite to win that match, many punters are looking for a few additional betting opportunities on that match that will see them getting some much higher pay-out odds.

One betting market is of course the anytime goalscorer betting market, and if you have never comer across such a betting market before, then all that you are tasked with having to do is to pick out one of the footballer you think is going to score a goal at some point in that match.

As for just which football is going to have a fair old chance of rattling into his opponents net a goal today is Messi, and with odds of him scoring a goal today of 8/15, that does have to be one of the standout must place bets today, so make sur you get around to placing that bet if you fancy his chances!

Other Players That Could Score Today

There are to be fair, no end of players that could score one or more goals in this match, and if you want to place a few bets then you wouldn’t be going far wrong placing a bet on the likes of Boateng  or Ruiz who are both easy to back at odds of 5/4.

The odds do start to get a little bit higher on some of the other players, but any of them could score a goal, including the likes of Dembele who is 7/4 and both Coutinho and Malcom who are both 2/1 shots.

Value Any Time Goalscorer Bets

I think for those of you out there that are looking for some decent returns when betting on the anytime goalscorer betting markets then you should be looking at players such as Rafinha, for by backing him you will be rewarded with odds of 9/4.

Then you have the likes of Gameiro and Mina who are available at odds of 3/1 to score at any time in this match, and the is of course always a very good chance that either of them could do just that.

Four other players that are going to be worth having a bet on if you are looking for some of the less likely players to score a goal but who may just do and therefore you will get some even higher odds on then include Moreno and Parejo and you can get odds on either of them of 10/3.

As for a couple of other players that could just bang in a  goal at any time in this match, well its very fair and true to say that Alena could score a goal and as for his win odds they are 7/2, and then there is Guedes who is easy to back at odds of 4/1 too.

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