Football Betting Tips for Friday the 28th of June 2019

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I have donned my mystic meg thinking cap today and will be giving you my very best tips and predictions on five selected football matches that are going to be kicking off at some point during today, and the tips I will be giving you may just be worth perming together in an acca type of bet.

One thing that you do need to be fully aware of is that whilst the odds I will be showcasing to you are fixed odds, meaning they are not going to move in value, you will need to shop around to ensure the bookies site you bet at are offering these enhanced odds, so do make sure that sis something you do.

To hopefully get any acca bet you do decide to place today off to a flying and winning start, the very first match I want to concentrate on is the Tunisia vs Mali match, and plenty of bookies are offering their customers odds on that match so finding one to bet at won’t be too difficult.

The current state of the betting on that match will see you being offered odds on Tunisia winning that match of 13/8, however you may fancy backing the draw as the odds most bookies sites are offering the draw are 19/10, but I feel the best bet on that match is a bet on Mali to win who are easy to back at odds of 21/10.

Morocco vs Ivory Coast

The second match of the day that I do feel you should consider betting on is the Morocco vs Ivory Coast  match for I do feel that the favourite to win that match is a tad overpriced and as such there is certainly some value to be backing that favourite to win that match,

The favourite to win isn’t however Morocco for they are on offer at odds of 7/4, the draw for all you draw backers is on offer at several bookies sites at odds of , but it is the 19/10 Ivory Coast that I do feel you should be backing at odds of 19/10.

Three Football Matches Also Worth Betting On

The France Women vs USA Women match is going to be shown live on BBC 4 today and that is bound to be one of the most bet on matches today, with the France Women looking unlikely to win that match as their odds of 23/10, as for the draw odds they are 21/10, and the  USA Women team should go on to win that match and by backing hem you should be able to secure odds of 6/5 quite easily.

The Venezuela vs Argentina match is being shown on the obscure Prem Sports channel but there is little chance of Venezuela winning at 6/1, and I doubt it will end in a draw at 3/1 o with that in mind follow the smart money and bet on Argentina at 8/15.

In the fi9nal match I will be betting on today that being the South Africa vs Namibia match, I am convinced that match will end in a win for South Africa who are rock-solid in the betting at 5/6 to win that match today.

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