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You may be lucky enough to have a day off today, and if so then you may be planning your days football related bets, and to help you make sense of the many English Championship matches that are going to be in-play later today I have concentrated todays betting news story on some of those matches.

Keep in mind that half of the battle of being a successful and profitable football punter is getting the best odds on an teams you do fancy betting on, and the odds you will find listed below are all currently available on both the Paddy Power online and mobile betting platforms, so visit that betting site to secure the following odds.

One of the first football matches that will be kicking off in England today is the 12:00 Bristol City vs Reading match, and if you want to try and get off to a flying and winning start then the smart money for that match is going on a Bristol City win and their odds of winning that match are for reference 4/6!

Moving on the 12:30 match that being the Sheff Utd vs Nottingham Forest match I think it’s fair to say that the home team are going o win that match and probably quite decisively too and by getting over to Paddy Power they are offering Sheff Utd at odds of 8/15, which has to be the bet of the day for sure!

Millwall vs Brentford

The Millwall vs Brentford match is going to be kicking off at 13:00 and the favourites to win that match are the home team that being Millwall and you can back them at odds right now of 6/5.

Brentford are on offer at odds of 11/5 to win that match and you can back the draw if you think it will end that way at odds of 12/5, however the Millwall team do have the combined skills to win that match especially as they are playing at home so do not forget that simple fact!

Additional Value Betting Opportunities Today

There are a few other teams that I expect to win today, take for example the Birmingham vs Derby match Birmingham are 6/4 the draw odds are 9/4 and Derby are 9/5 to win that match, and as for the value bet it is Derby I think are going to come out on top and win that match today.

In the Bolton vs Aston Villa match, you cannot possibly fancy the chance of a Bolton  win as they are on offer at huge odds of15/2 to win, its shouldn’t be a match then ends in a draw either and for reference the draw odds are 4/1 and it is Aston Villa that should win and they are 1/3 to do just that.

As for the team that is expected to win the Leeds vs Wigan match, well as Leeds are 1/3, they should win that match without breaking into a collective sweat, if everything goes to plan this afternoon!

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