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Two Women’s World Cup matches are scheduled to kick off today, the first of which is the Italy Women vs Brazil Women match, and that match is going to be a difficult one to try and work out the outcome of, and many punters are therefore looking at the draw as the best value bet in that match.

However, you will of course probably have your own ideas as to the way that match will end, and the odds on offer on the Italy Women’s team are 15/8, the draw odds which I am sure plenty of you out there will be backing is on offer at odds of around the 9/4 mark, and Brazil Women are the team that is the favourite to win that match being on offer at win odds for that match of 13/10.

Later on this evening the Jamaica Women vs Australia Women match is scheduled to kick off, and that match is so one-sided that you are instantly going to be put off backing the favourite to win it, due to the skinny odds that are attached to that team.

The underdog is the Jamaica Women team, for they are up against it based on their 70/1 win odds, and it is unlikely to be a match that will end in a draw, but the draw odds are huge and are there for the taking at 22/1, the Australia Women team are on offer at odds of 1/50, but not many punters will be backing them at those odds, I can guarantee you of that, even though they should win that match with great ease!

Copa America Match

Just one Copa America match is going to be kicking off today, and that match sees Bolivia playing against Peru, however Bolivia are not expected to win that match as you are about to discover.

Most bookies are going to be offering you outright winner betting markets on that match and as far as the generally available odds on that match go, Bolivia are trading at outright winner odds of 7/1, the draw is on offer at odds of 3/1, and Peru should take that match in their stride based on their 1/2 win odds.

Under 21 European Championship Matches

A couple of other matches that you may fancy betting on are taking place as part of the Under 21 European Championships and the first match of the day is the Romania U21 vs Croatia U21 match.

There isn’t much separating either team on the outright betting markets for that match, suffice to say that Romania are on offer at odds of, or around the 27/10 mark, the draw odds are 23/10, and for those of you that enjoy favourite backing, well you can back Croatia at odds of 21/20.

The one match that plenty of punters will be betting on later this evening is the England U21 vs France U21 match, and he odds on offer are appealing for England fans seeing as they are 13/8 to win that match, the draw can be backed at odds of around 23/10 and the France U21 team are being offered at win odds of 33/20.

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