Japan U20 vs South Korea U20

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If you have been avidly following the matches that are being played as part of the Under 20’s World Cup this year, then you will probably be aware that there are three matches that are going to be kicking off today.

The very first of those matches and one that you may fancy also betting on too is the match that sees Japan U20 taking on South Korea U20, and that match is one that I do feel is likely to end in a win for the Japan U20 team.

The odds also do give you the impression that most bookies also feel that Japan are going to win for moist such sites are offering th3em to win this match at odds of 8/5.

That doesn’t of course mean the match won’t end in a  draw and the draw odds for reference are generally around the 9/5 mark, and for those of you sports bettors and football punters out there that feel the South Korea have what it takes to win this match, they can be backed at odds of around the 7/4 mark.

France U20 vs USA U20

Moving onto the France U20 vs USA U20 match, well it will not be too much of a surprise to you that have been following the French team that they are the odds-on favourite to win that match, however the odds you will be offered are by no stretch of the imagination generous.

The best odds I have seen being offered on this match this morning are 4/9 on France, the very best draw odds I have so far come across are 11/4 and there are no end of betting sites that are offering USA at odds of 11/2.

Argentina U20 vs Mali U20

The final match of today that is being played off as part of the Under20 World Cup is of course the match between Argentina U20 and the Mali U20 team, and that is another one side match for sure, well from a betting point of view at least.

The odds on that match ending in a draw for example are currently at or around the 11/4 mark, and as such I think it’s very fair and true to say it won’t be a match that does end in a draw today.

It is however the Argentina team that are expected to win that match and quite decisively too, for hard as you may look I doubt you are going to find any betting sites anywhere offering you much higher odds on that team winning that match than 1/2.

You may be a fan of the Mali U20 team and will be wanting them to win that match despite them being outclassed, and if you do fancy backing them to win you shouldn’t find it too difficult what so ever to find  bookie offering you odds of at the very least 5/1, but do hunt around as I am confident that you may find one or two bookies offering slightly higher odds than those.

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