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You are going to become somewhat overwhelmed if you take a look at any of our featured sports betting sites, for currently they are all going to be offering you no end of betting opportunities on the football match kicking off tomorrow night between Real Madrid and Arsenal.

However, with so many bookies offering their own set of odds on many different betting markets too, what I have done below is to single out a few of those betting markets on which I feel there is still some value waiting to be mopped up by savvy punters.

I will leave it up to you to decide just which betting markets to make use of if you do fancy trying your chances betting on the outcome of this match, however you cannot get away from the fact that Real Madrid do have an outstanding chance of winning it.

There can be plenty of bets you can place including Accas on this match and include many others in your bets too, and with Real Madrid being offered at odds of even money those odds will certainly boost the potential pay-outs of any multiple bets you do go on to place, and just so you know the  draw odds are 11/4 and Arsenal can be backed at plenty of betting sites at odds of 11/5.

Take a Chance That Both Teams Will Score

Let me now have a quick look at some of the many additional betting markets and betting opportunities that will be on offer o you if you do fancy7 betting on this match which is going to be kicking off tomorrow night.

There is always the both teams to score betting markets that many punters do enjoy making sue of and in this match if you bet on the No option you will be rewarded with what I feel are overly generous odds of 7/4, however its very true to say that most punters making use of this betting market are backing the Yes bet option, even though the odds are low at just 2/5.

Back a Team to Score in Both Halves

The odds available on Real Madrid to score at the very least one goal in the first half of this match bit also then go on to score at the very least one goal in the second half of this match too are appealing for sure for those odds are 7/5.

As for the same type of bet but on Arsenal to rattle in a goal in the first half and then to score one goal at least in the second half are even bigger and those odds are 9/4.

There will also be plenty of betting sites that are offering you access to their Highest Scoring Half betting markets and the three possible outcomes that could occur ion this match and their respective odds on offer on that betting market are the Draw bet on which odds of 11/4 can be secured the First Half bet on offer at odds of 21/10 and finally the Second Half bet on which you can secure odds of a rather 10/11 too.

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