Liverpool vs. Bayern Munich Handicap Betting


Liverpool are up against Bayern Munich tonight, and that match is certainly one plenty of punters are going to want to not only sit down and watch on TV but also will want to place abet on, however the match odds are not what you could call generous, especially if you fancy backing Liverpool to win that match as they are on offer at tiny odds of just 21/20 to win that match.

The draw on offer at betting site such as Bruce Betting are a tad more appealing at 5/2 and as for the chances of Bayern Munich winning that match you can back them at odds of 12/5, but whether they will win does remain to be seen of course.

There are however plenty of handicap betting opportunities available on the Liverpool vs. Bayern Munich match tonight and that is what I am going to be looking at below, so if you are seeking out some additional betting opportunities, but ones with much better odds attached to them then please do read on.

You can back Liverpool to win this match on the handicap betting market with a minus 1 goal starting deficit at odds of 5/2 or a two goal starting deficit at odds of 6/1, or if you prefer them to have a one goal lead then that is another betting opportunities which is available at the Bruce Betting site and you can get odds of 1/3 on them winning with a one goal start.

Handicap Draw Odds

Bruce Betting are also offering three unique handicap draw betting opportunities to punters on this match which you may be interested din making use of.

They are offering -1 Goal at odds of 14/5, +1 Goal at odds of 4/1 and the third and final draw handicap betting opportunity is the -2 goals one on which they are offering odds of 9/2.

Bayern Munich Handicap Betting Markets

You may however fancy the chances of Bayern Munich winning this match and if so then there are certainly some interesting odds available on the Brice Betting handicap markets.

The first one will see Bayern Munich being given a one goal start and if you think that is going to be enough to see them win this match you will be able to secure win odds on that betting opportunity of 7/10.

If on the other hand you fancy placing a bet that will payout at some much higher valued odds then consider backing Bayern Munich to win but with a one goal starting deficit for that betting opportunity is available at some much higher odds of 11/2.

One bet that does jump off the Brice Betting handicap betting market on this match though is for Bayern Munich to win this match with a two goal start, if that is a bet that does interested you the odds on offer whilst low in value are decent enough all things consider and those odds for reference are 2/7!

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