Man City vs Leicester City Total Goals Betting

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Looking at tonight’s match between Manchester City and Leicester City, you are going to have to look a little further than the outright betting markets if you want to get a decent sized winning pay-out on that match.

I say that due to the simple fact that is would be a major shock and a result no fan of Man City could imagine if they didn’t win that match, but with bookies not taking any chances, the best odds you can secure on an outright win for the home team are tiny, at around 1/6!

Therefore one betting market that does offer some much better betting opportunities for you is to place bet on the total goals scored in this match, and you will find such a betting market at most betting sites, however I will be taking a look below at the odds you can get on this match over at BetFred.

The odds are ridiculously low on there being over 0.5 goals scored in this match for those odds are 1/100! However, the odds do look much more appealing when betting on the under 0.5 goals betting option, with those odds being 25/1, however do you seriously think this match will end in a 0-0 draw?

Over Under 1.5 Goals

The odds do get slightly betting on the over 1.5 goals betting market for those odds are 1/12 and the opposite bet that being an under 1.5 goals outcome in this match has odds attached to that betting option of 13/2.

But you should consider backing one of the bigger goal scoring outcomes in this match for that is what is likely to be the case in this match and those additional betting markets are where you are going to get even bigger odds.

Additional Total Goals Betting Markets

With odds of 1/3 on there being over 2.5 goals scored in this match that is one bet worth taking, especially if you are of the mind like I am that this match is going to be a high scoring one, and one in which Manchester City will be rattling in the goals, the  under odds on the under 2.5 goals betting option for reference are 12/5.

As for just what odds you are going to be able to secure on the over 3.5 goals betting option, those odds are 4/5, with the under 3.5 goals option being even money.

You could however fancy the chances of the over 4.5 score bet, and if you do the odds on that outcome are 15/8, but the odds on the under 4.5 option are much lower obviously with those odds being 2/5 at BetFred.

One final bet that could be appealing to some of you out there is the over 5.5 option, by betting at BetFred they will offer you odds of 4/1 that there will be over 4.5 goals scored in total in this match, however the under 4.5 betting opportunity is currently chalked up with odds of 1/6 on offer on it!

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