Messi Related Bets on Tonight’s Liverpool vs. Barcelona Match

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Tonight’s UEFA Champions League match between Liverpool and Barcelona looks like it is going to be a close match and one that may just end in a draw, well that is the impression you will get when looking over the betting markets for that match.

Liverpool are generally being offered at odds of around the 6/4 mark to win that match with the draw looking a tempting bet for many punters at odds of 5/2, and to add to the confusion you are going to find plenty of bookies offering Barcelona at win odds of 13/8 too.

However, how about having an unusual bet on this match by making use of the #yourcall range of bets that the Coral betting site are offering that are based around Messi. You can for example place a bet that Messi  is going to have, in total during this match  4 or more shots at goal and will then go onto to score in the second half of that match and the odds on that happening at Coral are generous to say the least at 27/10!

You can also take advantage of some very decent odds of 16/5 that Messi is going to score a goal at any time, and will also have 4 or more shots at goal, and will make in total over fifty passed in the match, which is something he may just do.

Will Messi Score from Outside the Box?

It could be the case that Messi rattle in a long distance goal and if you are of the mind that is exactly what he is going to  do at some point in tonight’s match then you can back him to score from outside the box at odds of 17/4.

There are plenty of other bets that you can place at the Coral betting site related to Messi and one that di catch my eye at some decent odds is their Messi to score anytime and to have an assist, for the odds that Coral are offering on that bet are certain tempting being as they are 13/2.

Some Other Messi Bets to Ponder Over

Another bet that is being offered at odds of 13/2 is one that will be a winning one if Messi scores in both halves of this match, and I will leave it up to you as to whether you think he will and whether to place that bet or not!

You are also going to be able to bag some big odds of 10/1 that Messi will score at any time, and will go on to have an assist, and will also at any point in this match have 4 or more shots.

Another fair bet and one that is being offered at the exact same odds at the one above is that Mess will score at any time and will go on to have 5 or more shots, and will make 60+ passes in this match, and all things taken into account at 10/1 that is one of those bets I think I will be placing today.

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