Premier League Opening Day Matches

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It should be a good weekend of Premier League action that you are probably going to want to get stuck into betting on right now, and there are no shortages of teams to pick and choose from this weekend in that league, but it’s fair to say some teams do look like they are going to make mincemeat of their opposite so to speak.

As for which teams are the ones you should be backing, well below I will give you some match predications, but do make a point of hunting around any of our showcased bookies sites, to ensure that you get at the very least the odds listed below on each team.

The very first Premier League match of this coming weekend is the one that will be kicking off on Friday night, that of course being the Liverpool vs Norwich City match, and if Liverpool do not win that match they are seriously out of form, but at 1/8 to win that match those odds are rather skinny to say the least.

Some Other Match Predictions

The match between West Ham and Manchester City can only possibly end one way that being a win for Manchester City, and with the odds on that team winning being 1/5 they do look a solid bet.

Moving onto the AFC Bournemouth vs Sheffield United match the smart money is pouring in on AFC Bournemouth to wint hat match and odds of 19/20 are generally available too. The Burnley vs Southampton match is one that I do feel Burnley are going to win at odds of 8/5 or there or there about.

Premier League Teams That Should Also Win

You can of course put as many teams on an Acca bet as you want, and in the Crystal Palace vs Everton match I think that Everton at 11/8 are the most likely winner of that match and in the Watford vs Brighton & Hove Albion it is Watford that really do stand out as the most likely winner at 17/20 .

In the Tottenham Hotspur vs Aston Villa match you should be backing Tottenham Hotspur at 2/7 and in the Newcastle United vs Arsenal match it is Arsenal I am backing to win at odds of 3/4.

Moving onto the Leicester City vs Wolverhampton Wanderers match the smart money is going on a win for Leicester City at 6/5 and another solid bet in my opinion is in regards to the last Premier League match of the weekend that being the Manchester United vs Chelsea and it is Manchester United I expect to win at odds of 23/20 .

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