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It can often be fun to take a look at some of the much more unique betting opportunities and novelty football betting markets that are being offered to punters long before the football season starts, and you may actually spot a value bet when you set about doing so.

With that in mind what I am going to be doing in today’s news story is looking at some of he unique and unique betting opportunities that one bookie, that being BetFred, is offering on Sheffield United right now, as you may fancy placing one of the following bets.

It would however appear that Betfred’s odds compilers are of the mind that Sheffield United will be relegated on the 2019/20 season from the Premier League and as such they are treading carefully regarding the odds they are offering on that bet, for those odds are a tad low at just 8/11.

You may however disagree with those odds compilers and if you do then it could pay dividends for you to back that team to stay up in the Premier League this coming season, as by doing so you will be able to secure odds of even money right now.

Will Sheffield United Finish in the Top 10?

Whilst some of you out there may think that it is mission impossible for Sheffield United to finish in one of the top 10 spots int the Premier League at the end of the upcoming 2019/20 season, if you are an avid supporter and fan of that team you may be confident that they will.

If so and you fancy pinning your hopes on them doing just that then the odds you will be offered and can take right now on that being the case are certainly attractive for those odds are 11/1.

Other Sheffield United 2019/20 Special Bets

A couple of other bets that you may or may not fancy placing includes one that will see you being paid out at massive odds of 125/1 if you back Sheffield United to finish in one of the top 6 positions in the league at the end of next season.

In fact, if you have complete faith in that team then how about backing them to finish in one of the top four spots at the end of the season, as by doing so the odds currently up for grabs are huge in value being 500/1.

For those of you out there that like to expect the impossible, then the is one final bet that I am sure will be of interest to you, much more so when you discover just how high the pay-out odds attached to that bet are.

That bet is for Sheffield Unite to be crown the champions of the Premier League in the 2019/20 season, and if that is something you think will happen, then you are going to be very impressed with the odds you will be offered by BetFred, as those odds are in four digits and are 2000/1,

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