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Long term football betting opportunities are always going to be available to you no matter at which betting site you choose to bet at, and one bookie, that being BetFred, tend to have the most long-term betting markets available to their customers.

However, one such market that I did spot earlier today are a range of bets related to Sheffield United regarding just how well or just how bad they are likely to play in the upcoming 2019/2020 season.

As such I am going to dedicate todays football betting news story to enlightening you on just what you are going to be able to bet on and the odds being offered to you on each of the BetFred Sheffield Utd 2019-2020 Specials.

One bet on that long term betting market that could spark an interest in you is in regards to Sheffield United to be relegated from the Premier League next season betting market BetFred have made live, for you can get odds on them being related at the end of next season of 8/11.

Conversely if you are much more of the mind that Sheffield United are going to remain in the  Premier League at the end of the upcoming 2019-2020 season, then you will surely be tempted to bag the even money odds that BetFred are offering on that particular betting opportunity right now. Read on for there are plenty of other bets and wagers being offered on Sheffield United too.

Could Sheffield United Win the Premier League

Now I know that you may be of the mind that there is no way on Gods Earth that next season Sheffield United are going to end up winning the Premier League title, but that is what many punters thought when Leicester City did manage to go on to do just that not too long ago.

In fact, you may remember the news stories at the time when they did, with plenty of punters having been able to secure massive odds on them winning, and as such if you think that Sheffield United are going to win the Premier League title in the 19/20 season you can bag odds on them as high as 2000/1 at BetFred!

Premier League Placing Betting

BetFred are also offer three different betting opportunities surrounding the placing that you think Sheffield United will end up in the league at the end of next season.

Take for example Sheffield United finishing in any of the top 10 positions in Premier League 2019-2020 season, if you think they will then surely you will be very eager to bag the 11/1 Betfred are offering that that betting opportunity.

The odds do shoot up quite noticeably on Sheffield Unites finishing in any of the top six positions of the Premier League next season and those odds are 125/1. However, if you think they are going to have an excellent season and are going to finish in one of the top four spots then you can secure even bigger odds right now of 500/1!

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