Sweden Women vs USA Women World Cup Match

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There are of course plenty of betting opportunities spread across several quite different betting markets that are going to be available to you today if you do fancy betting on the Sweden Women vs USA Women World Cup match.

With that in mind I will be pointing out to you some of those betting markets of which I do think that some of you out there may fancy placing the odds bet here and there on, but as always be prepared to hunt and shop around for a bookie offering you the highest possible odds, on whichever football betting market you do fancy making use of and betting on.

The over and under total goals betting market is an interesting one, for there are four betting markets that will see you being able to bet on the 1.5 total goals betting market on which the over option is chalked up at odds of 2/9 and the under option is available at much higher odds of 3/1.

On the 2.5 total goal betting markets the odds are over 8/11 and under even money, then on the 3.5 total goals betting market the odds are over 2/1 and under 4/11, and finally you can bet on the 4.5 total goals betting market if you fancy doing so and will find odds of 9/2 on the over 9/2 bet and on the under bet the odds are just 1/8, but that latter betting option do looks a certainty by the way.

Sweden Women vs USA Women Match Result

You may much prefer placing the most basic bet on the Sweden Women vs USA Women match today and if you do then the odds will give you something of an idea as to just which way the bookies odds compilers think that match will end.

It does however look as if the Sweden Women team are up against it in this match, for they can be backed at very high odds to win it of 15/2, the draw is a possibly of course and the Draw odds are around the 19/5 mark. And as for the chances of the USA Women team they are available at very skinny and short odds of just 1/3 to win that match.

Name Your Own Odds and Lay Bets

One thing some punters and sports bettors are blissfully unaware of, is that on betting exchanges such as Betfair they are going to be able to lay their own odds to other users of that sites and take bets from those other Betfair users.

Therefore if you do fancy becoming a bookie yourself today, then it is time for you to sign up to Betfair as that way you can try and work out the least likely results, and then work out some very tempting odds to lure in other punters and then take the stakes off those punters if hopefully their bets lose, you do of course need to pay them out if their bets win, so do keep that in mind.

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