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Several football matches are going to be broadcast live this week, and to give you some ideas as to just which matches they are, and the current state of the betting markets on each of them, below is an overview of those matches some of you out there may just fancy betting on.

The first match of this week is the Mali vs Ivory Coast and it will be on Euro Sports 2 that you will be able to see that match in play this evening, as for the most likely winner of that match, well even though their odds are around the 11/8 mark, Ivory Coast have an outstanding chance of winning that match for sure.

The odds on Mali are 5/2  or there or there about and the draw is being offered at plenty of betting sites at 19/10, however the smart money will be going on the Ivory Coast team to win that match and is it a team to have included in any acca bets you are placing today.

Another match that will be in play later today is the match between Ghana and Tunisia, and once again it is Euro Sports 2 that will be showing that match live, as for the odds, well they do give the impression it will be a close run match with Ghana on offer at 6/4, the draw odds are 15/8, but my money is going on Tunisia who could pull this match out of the bag at odds of 23/10.

Prem Sports are going to be showing the St. Joseph’s FC vs Rangers match which will be in play on Tuesday night, and looking at the betting on that rather unusual match, it is hard to see St. Joseph’s FC winning that match being as they are on offer at odds of 22/1, the draw odds are 9/1, and in Rangers do not win that match at their odds of 1/14 there is something very wrong!

FK Sarajevo vs Celtic

Tuesday night will also see another Scottish team in play that being Celtic, and they are going to be playing away at FK Sarajevo and that match is going to be broadcast live on Prem Sports too.

Now, as the for state of the betting on that match the home team look like they are going to be given the run around for they are up for grabs at odds of 9/2, the draw odds are 13/5, but it should be Celtic that win that match and will probably go into an early lead in the first few minutes of that match and their win odds are just 3/5.

Senegal and Nigeria Look Set for a Win

As far as the Senegal vs Benin match that is being broadcast live on Euro Sports 2 on Wednesday evening, that match is likely to go the way of Senegal for their odds do tell their own story being just 1/2, and for the chances of Benin well they are very, very easy to back right now at odds of 15/2.

The Nigeria vs South Africa is also being shown live on Euro Sports 2 and as for the team that should win that match, well I thin Nigeria will come out on top at even money.

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