Todays Premier League Asia Trophy Matches

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Two matches are scheduled to kick off today as part of the Premier League Asia Trophy competition, and they are the matches that I am going to be taking a look at in some detail today as I’m am sure quite a lot of you out there will be betting on both of those matches.

In fact, you may be pinning your hopes on some betting success today by perming a team from each of those two matches together in a double, and with all betting sites offering their own set of odds on those matches, you will need to know just which bookie is offering the best odds of course too.

Just so you know those two matches are the Newcastle United vs West Ham match and the Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester City and the bookie I would urge you to check out and bet with if you do fancy placing a bet on either match is Betfred.

That bookie just in case you haven’t yet signed up and set about betting with them is giving away a generous sign up welcome bonus offer and by clicking through our Betfred links you will be able to make use of that bonus and get it added to your account straight away.

Newcastle United vs West Ham

Let me take a quick look over the betting market on the first of those two matches, that being the Newcastle United vs West Ham match betting market, and it does look like most punters are siding with West Ham as the most likely winner of that match.

The odds that are currently up for grabs on West Ham are 10/11 so ever so slightly odds on, but they should win that match, but there is always the option to back the draw and if you fancy doing just that odds of 12/5 can be secure on a  draw and as for the chances of Newcastle United winning that match, well much like the draw odds they are readily available at odds of 12/5 too.

Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester City

The betting on the Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Manchester City match is currently all one way traffic for it will not surprise you to learn that it is Manchester City that is attracting the most support from punters, however that support has affected their outright winner odds in that match

You will be lucky if you find a bookie offering odds any higher than 9/20 on a Manchester City win, but if you do then grab those odds with both hands is my advice.

As for the odds on Wolverhampton Wanderers winning hat match, well as you would expected they are high and Betfred have them chalked up at high odds of 9/2, and there is of course always the chance that match may end as a draw, however I am convinced that it isn’t going to end in a draw, but just for reference you will be able to get odds of 3/1 at Betfred on that match ending in a draw.

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