Todays Under 20’s World Cup Match Predictions

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Football punters have of course turned their attention to the many under 20’s World Cup matches that are now being played off, and today I am going to be giving you my predictions regarding the way I think that the four matches in that competition scheduled for today are likely to end.

There will be no major differences regarding the types and range of bets that you can place on any of those under 20’s World Cup matches compared to betting on any other football matches, and as such you will find the usual one hundred plus betting opportunities that other football matches offer being available to you on any of the under20’s match too.

I would urge you however to head on over to the Coral betting site if you do fancy betting on any teams to win or even on any of the matches today ending in a  draw, for that bookie really has pushed the boat out regarding the odds they are offering on each outcome in every single one of those matches.

You can also back any number of teams and add them onto an acca bet too, and with four matches being played today as part of the under 20’s World Cup that means that you could put together a four team accumulator, and below are my predictions as to how each match should end.

Mali U20 vs France U20

The Mali U20 vs France U20 match will be the first match to kick off today and however hard I try I find it impossible to make a case for the Mali U20’s team, and as such I feel they have no chance of winning that match.

In fact, their generally available odds to win that match are 3/1, which does give you an indication of how the bookies feel about their chance of success, and as such my prediction for that match is that it will end in a win for the France U20’s team and their win odds for reference at Coral are 17/20.

Three Other U20 World Cup Matches Today

Let me now move onto the other three World Cup Under 20’s matches that are going to be kicking off this evening, the first of those being the Saudi Arabia U20 vs Panama U20 match, it is Saudi Arabia that I am tipping up to win that match which is something I do feel they are going to do and possibly much easier than you may have imagined, and their win odds are 5/4.

In the Korea Republic U20 vs Argentina U20, it is a match that should go the way of the Argentina team, which to be fair is reflected in their 11/10 win odds.

The final match of the day that will be kicking off this evening is the South Africa U20 vs Portugal U20, I expect that match to be one in which plenty of goals are going to be scored, and it should be Portugal that score most if not all of those goals, as they are the red hot and rock-solid favourite to win that match at odds of 1/7.

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