Tonight’s Chelsea vs Arsenal Match

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A couple of international under 20’s matches are going to be kicking off today, however there is one match that I am confident plenty of you will be interested in betting on later today, and that is of course the match between Chelsea and Arsenal.

Therefore before I take a look at the odds on those under 20’s matches, let me quickly take a look at just what the betting markets are telling us about the Chelsea v Arsenal match, and that is probably going to be one you will fancy having a bet on today.

It is of course Chelsea that are expected to win that match, and as such you are going to be offered odds that reflect their chances of success, and the generally available odds on them winning are around the 27/20, so if you plan on betting on them, then do not accept odds any lower than those.

Arsenal do of course have a chance of winning, and if you think they are going to prove their critics wrong and are going to go on to win this match then now is the time you should be taking the 23/10 odds being touted by plenty of bookies, but if you think the match will be a draw then the best odds available right now are 12/5.

DC United vs Chicago Fire

The DC United vs Chicago Fire match is of course going to be in play over in America, and as such you will need to factor into your betting the time difference between the UK and the US if you plan on watching or even betting on that match.

If that is a match you do fancy having a financial interest in then the odds on DC United to win it are outstanding at BetFred, for they are offering even money on them winning that match, which by the way I am confident that they will do, the draw odds are 5/1 and you can back Chicago Fire at odds of 12/5 to win that match if you fancy their chances.

Two International Under 20’s Matches Tonight

I do enjoy betting on international under 20’s matches whenever there are any number of them scheduled to kick off, for those are often the matches in which you can lock in a lot of betting value, as odds compilers often have their work cut out trying to work out the way in which any such match will end.

One match that is going to be kicking off later today is the Italy U20 vs Japan U20 match, and as far as the current state of the betting markets go on that match Italy are 19/10 to win it, the draw odds are 13/10 and you can back the under 20’s Japan team are even better odds of 2/1.

If I had to make a prediction as to the outcome of that match, whilst the under 20’s Italy team are of course highly talented, I would not dismiss the Japan team who do look the value bet in that match as long as you can secure those 2/1 odds.

Another match you can bet on that will be in play later tonight is the Senegal U20 vs Poland U20 match, and that is one of those very rare matches in which the home team win, the draw and the away teams win odds are all identical, and as such you can back Senegal to win, the draw or Poland to win and secure odds at BetFred of 17/10 on each of those betting options!


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