Will Celtic or Rangers Win the Scottish Premiership in 2019/20?

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The Scottish Premiership season is of course fast approaching, and it will be in August of 2019 that the first matches will be kicking off, and you should now be taking a look at the futures and long term betting markets that bookies have made live if you want to place a long term bet on any team to win that league in the 2019/20 season.

However, it will become very obvious to you when you do start comparing the odds at several different bookies sites, that the odds compilers have chalked up one team as the early odds-on favourite to win the title race, and that team is of course the mighty Celtic.

Whether you are going to want to take the risk of backing them to win the title in the upcoming season is of course your decision to make, however at their current odds of 1/3, there is no real value to be had by backing them to win, but those odds will shrink if as expected they do win match after match!

It won’t surprise you to learn, if you are a fan of Scottish football that the team currently the second early favourite to win the Scottish Premiership in the upcoming season is Rangers, but their odds of doing so are much better valued odds that the odds attached to Celtic, for Rangers can be backed at odds of around 9/4 right now.

Aberdeen Have an Outside Chance

There can surely only be one other team that has any possible chance of winning the Scottish Premiership title race next year, and that team is Aberdeen.

However, it is very fair and true to say that they are going to have to pull off an amazing run of luck if they are going to trouble Celtic or Rangers, and that fact is very clearly indicated in the odds Aberdeen currently are being offered at, and for reference those odds are 25/1.

Fancy Any Other Team?

One thing to keep I mind if you do not fancy backing any of the above three teams to win the Scottish Premiership next season, but want to place a bet on any other team, is that you should be placing those bets not with a bookmaker but at a betting  exchange site such as Betfair.

The reason I suggest you check out the odds being offered on all other Scottish Premiership teams at Betfair is that the odds you will be offered by other users of that betting exchange will be much higher in value than anything a bookie will be offering you.

As of just what odds are attached to some of the other teams, well you have both Hibernian and Hearts being traded at three digit betting odds of 100/1 and you will also be able to get huge odds on Kilmarnock at 200/1 and then you have the likes of St Johnstone and Motherwell at 1000/1, and the odds on the other teams are even higher in value.

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