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Unless you are prepared to take the very low current odds on the USA Women to win the World Cup, you will probably be best advised to look at some of the additional betting opportunities that are available on the Women’s World Cup Final.

For currently you are going to find it hard to find odds much higher that 2/5 on them winning that match, but they are expected to do so thanks to the great form they have been showing throughout the tournament.

You may however be of the mind that this match is going to end in a draw, and the odds on that being the case are around the 7/2 mark, but do a little bit of hunting around as you may find a bookie that is prepared to lay you higher odds than 7/2 on the match ending in a draw.

Looking at the make up of the Netherlands Women team, coupled with the form of their opponents, I doubt there will be a great rush of punters willing to that the 7/1 on them winning, unless you live in the Netherlands of course, and if so then those odds are there for the taking.

Odds on Both Teams Scoring in the Final

There can only be two outcomes on the both teams to score betting market in this match, and that is that both teams will score or they wont both score at least one goal each, and with a 50-50 outcome on that betting market you may be prepared to lay your money down on one of those two possible outcomes.

If so and you think both teams will not score then the odds up of grabs on that betting opportunity are 8/11, however for both teams to score at some point in the match you can get slightly higher odds of even money.

Which Player Will Score First?

I do think that it is a foregone conclusion that there will be some goals scored in this match, and you may fancy backing one player to score the very first goal in this match, and if so you will be best advised to place such bets at BetFred.

That bookie will give you the following odds on each of the players listed below but will double them if that player goes on to score a second goal in this match and will triple them if your chosen player scores a third goal.

As for just which players are likely to score the very first goal in this match, well Morgan is well placed to do so of course and her odds are 3/1, then you have the likes of Lloyd at 4/1 and you can back either Press or Rapinoe and get 9/2 on either or both of them scoring the first goal.

Some other players that could beat their high odds and rattle in the very first goal in this match are Heath and Pugh at 6/1, McDonald at 7/1 and possibly Miedema at 8/1 and for those of you that think the match will be one in which there is no goalscorer you can get odds of 9/1 on that being the case.

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